Barbara Hart - "I feel 10 years younger!"

Before: 175 pounds After: 150 pounds

"I knew that if I could just lose a few pounds, it would take some pressure off my knees and I wouldn’t have as much discomfort. After much frustration, I finally made a commitment and started The TAIslim System. Because of that and the TAIslim products, I was able to lose 25 pounds and 16 inches and improve my overall health."
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Shirley Oliver - "I am confident in every area of my life."

Before: 299 pounds After: 240 pounds

"I have been rewarded with the phenomenal TAIslim System, a wonderful Company of caring people, products that are amazing, and a new outlook on life. Not only have I lost weight and become healthier, but I now have the confidence in myself and my ability to achieve whatever I set my heart on. I'm so excited to share this with everyone I meet."
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Deborah Leturgez - "Lost 45 Pounds"

Before: 220 pounds After: 175 pounds

"I am wearing clothes I haven't worn in 10 years. I have energy to exercise; before I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. I have learned how to eat again instead of not eating at all and going into starvation mode."
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Jack Bybee - "The 35-year battle is over."

Before: 229 pounds After: 186 pounds

"After struggling with an endless battle of the bulge, The TAIslim System has given me confidence that the battle is over. I can now move forward in my life with good health and self-mastery. The System has given me a new life - free of lard, free of embarrassment, and free of fat and health worries."
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Jay Ellis - "I Have Recaptured Lost Energy"

Before: 250 pounds After: 185 pounds

"I have gone from a tight size 42 pants to a size 34 and am still shrinking. I bought a new suit that was too small. I now need another new suit because that one is starting to drown me.I am starting to see the man I used to be, albeit half the man I was."
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Cynthia Grimley - "I Feel Empowered Again"

Before: 206 pounds After: 160 pounds

"I am a 54-year-old single mother with a very demanding career. I was beginning to lose a lot of self-esteem because nothing worked for me in my attempt to lose weight. Then I discovered The TAIslim System and got results!"
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Josh Brent - "I Haven’t Been at This Weight Since I Was 20!"

Before: 213 pounds After: 203 pounds

"I have never been so proud when I look in the mirror. I haven't been at this weight since I was 20. I was no stranger to the gym before The System. But now, I refuse to miss the gym. At home, I am much more patient with the kids, which is really important to me."
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Justine Brent - "I Haven't Felt This Amazing in Years!"

Before: 143 pounds After: 129 pounds

"The TAIslim System helped me get down to the weight I was in the military, but 14 years and 4 kids later!I not only reached me target weight but I went one pound past it. Within weeks I felt my arms, legs, and waist shrinking! I went in two belt loops! I feel tons of energy from the TAIslim SHAKEs."
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Sherry Evans - "I Have More Energy and Confidence"

Before: 143 pounds After: 140 pounds

"I didn't lose a lot of pounds but I lost inches. It felt great to follow The System because there are so many rewards. If you stick to The System, you will lose weight and inches."
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Lloyd Embry - "Now I Can Keep Up with My Granddaughters!"

Before: 348 pounds After: 248 pounds

"Over the past 90 days, I have been able to further improve my health, maintain and increase my workouts throughout the week, and shed more pounds and inches. It has helped me to have better focus on my daily activities and cope better with the daily stresses."
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Becky Johnson - "It's Great to Know I'm Not a Quitter"

Before: 143 pounds After: 122 pounds

"At the FreeLife National Convention, I listened to the Success Stories and made a commitment that very day to set a goal. I wasn't going to settle for feeling better. I wanted to look better! Thank you, FreeLife, for giving me the desire to join The TAIslim System."
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Kent Frei - "My Outlook on Life Has Improved"

Before: 259 pounds After: 197 pounds

"My life is very stressful with having 9 children as well as doing school full time and working full time. I have been able to handle crazy loads and feel better than I have felt since I can remember."
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Tanya Frei - "The TAIslim System Has Brought Peace of Mind"

Before: 240 pounds After: 205 pounds

"On The TAIslim System, I lost almost 20 inches in my mid-section. It is so exciting to see the difference in my "Before" and "After" photos. I have had so much more energy and movement in my body. I even have my girlish walk coming back!"
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Terry Kenly - "I Can Now Run and Play with My Grandchildren"

Before: 244 pounds After: 169 pounds

"The TAIslim System has given me a renewed zest for life because of better health and greater energy. When you feel good on the inside and like what you see on the outside, it can't help but make a huge, positive difference in your emotional and mental state of mind. I am a happier person."
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Faith Casias - "The TAIslim System Is about More Than the Weight You Lose"

Before: 143 pounds After: 129 pounds

"My success with The System and the TAIslim products encouraged me to get back into running. I went from less than 10 miles logged the first month to 50 logged miles the next month. To help others achieve their goals, I am now working as a fitness instructor."
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Rochelle Miller - "I Have a Newfound Lease on Life"

Before: 207 pounds After: 146 pounds

"I no longer want to hide under baggy clothes to cover up my obese body but want to wear clothes that show off all my hard work. I love life and don't want to pass up an opportunity to life it to the fullest."
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Mark Miller - "I Would Have Been Silly Not to Follow My Wife on The Challenge"

Before: 248 pounds After: 212 pounds

"I never dieted in my life and thought I would just have to live with the extra weight. I had no idea how overweight I was until I looked at my 'Before' and 'After' photos. I feel like I have a new set of knees. Mentally, I feel like I can do anything."
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Dee Dee Gravitt - "Life Is Just Beginning at Age 60"

Before: 199 pounds After: 166 pounds

"I had been very athletic until about 3 years ago when I gave up the sport of chariot racing. I could no longer stand the joint discomfort from the injuries I had accumulated over my 30-year competitive horse events career. Now I am virtually discomfort-free and even have crazy thoughts of chariot racing again."
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Amanda Avery - "At My 20-year Reunion, I Was the Talk of the Room"

Before: 245 pounds After: 161 pounds

"The TAIslim System is NOT a diet. It is a healthy way to change your lifestyle. It doesn't require much - just changing the way you look at food and allowing your body to get daily exercise."
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Phil Ladd - "Thanks for Giving Me Back My Life"

Before: 315 pounds After: 222 pounds

"Instead of coming home and plopping down on the couch to watch TV and mindlessly eat food, I find an activity I can do outside with the kids. Life is meant to be experienced, not just a spectator sport from the sidelines."
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Becca Parkinson - "I Found the Becca I Knew Was Still There"

Before: 192 pounds After: 156 pounds

"Physically, I am new person because of The TAIslim System. Making The System work for you is about being consistent - maximizing the TAIslim products and being consistent in other areas, such as exercise."
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Michelle Chilcott - "I Am Unstoppable"

Before: 305 pounds After: 193 pounds

"I get up every morning, look in the mirror, see the weight is still off, and realize it was not a dream. More than what I see on the outside, I know I am a different person on the inside. I am healthier than I have been in 25 years."
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Brian Kay - "Wow! The TAIslim System Has Changed My Life."

Before: 226 pounds After: 192 pounds

"I entered my first TAIslim Contest with two great sisters and we won. But I wasn't even close to the goal I wanted to be. So, I kept on The TAIslim System and have seen my world turn around. The System keeps me motivated and on track to keep working hard and reaching my goals.I didn't think I would get to my high school weight of 215, but now I am at 192."
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Cheri Cook - "I Feel Great and Am So Grateful for The TAIslim System"

Before: 197 pounds After: 185 pounds

"The TAIslim System has been a turning point for me. Now I am able to wear my beautiful wedding ring I wasn't able to wear for at least 5 years."
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Melvin Yoder - "I Can Run and Play with My Daughters Again"

Before: 250 pounds After: 200 pounds

"It's an incredible feeling to get into a pair of size 34 jeans! I still marvel at being in a size 40 to fitting into 34s in 90 days. Before my weight loss, it was like I was carrying around a 5-gallon bucket of water."
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Karolynn Burgett - "Feeling Healthy Feels So Good"

Before: 157 pounds After: 143 pounds

"There’s only one shake that I can drink without adding stuff to make it palatable – the TAIslim SHAKE. My advice is to follow The System. It’s simple; don’t make it harder than it is. Write down what you’re doing and eating. Be true to yourself."
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Brenda Leavitt - "I haven't looked and felt this good in so many years."

Before: 175 pounds After: 118 pounds

"I went from a size 12/14 pants down to a size 2. It's crazy how much my body has changed. I'm still trying to get used to the attention and compliments I get. I take every opportunity to tell people I meet about The TAIslim System and how it can change their life too! I will never go back to the way I was."
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Eric Barker - "I have dropped from 36% body to to 18%!"

Before: 186 pounds After: 169 pounds

"I have been on The TAIslim System for 10 weeks now (not quite 90 days). I have lost 17 pounds and have only 4 more to go. I have lost 13.5 inches overall. I feel great, I sleep great, and I love seeing the results that we are helping others attain!"
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Brenda Wilson - "I Like the Person I've Become"

Before: 188 pounds After: 142 pounds

"I was going through a divorce and felt very insecure and depressed about the way I looked. I wanted to improve my health and my appearance, so I could feel better about myself. The TAIslim System has helped me do just that!"
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Amber Hobdy - "I Found Me - the Real Me"

Before: 186 pounds After: 174 pounds

"After starting The System, I found that I am good at the FreeLife Business. I had just had a baby and so wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but I didn't think that was possible. But because of FreeLife, I was able to quit my job and am staying at home. I only dreamed of having the path in life that I am on now."
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Lanard Hobdy - "I Am in the Best Shape of My Life"

Before: 188 pounds After: 176 pounds

"One of the reasons I started The TAIslim System was to change my eating habits. My family has a history of high blood pressure due to greasy foods and bad eating routines. I have been able to change my eating routine, thanks to The System, and am getting the best results I've had in years."
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Cristianne Casper - "My 5 Kids Got Their Fun Mom Back"

Before: 147 pounds After: 135 pounds

"The fat is just melting off. I feel skinnier every week and my pant sizes keep getting smaller. I can think more clearly now, I have better concentration, and I am more mentally alert. I tell everyone about The TAIslim System so they too can experience the benefits."
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Jeremy Casper - "I Have A Hop in My Step"

Before: 195 pounds After: 178 pounds

"I've only lost just over 17 pounds, but I feel fantastic. I am at the right age (36) when my metabolism has slowed way down. I now refuse to give up and just let myself go. I look a lot slimmer in the mirror. I see the weight loss in my face, stomach, and even my back."
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Jeff Evans - "I No Longer Crave Soda and Doughnuts"

Before: 170 pounds After: 154 pounds

"I feel fantastic and am down to my high school weight. I crave healthy food. My quality of life has improved beyond my imagination. But I think the best personal reward has got to be the quality time I spend with my family. Before I was tired and never wanted to do anything."
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Eric Gomez - "The TAIslim System Has Transformed Me Physically"

Before: 179 pounds After: 177 pounds

"I've lost 10 percentage points of body fat (going from 25.8% to 15.3, beating my goal of 6%). Plus, I improved my 5K time by 4.5 minutes while enjoying the overall benefits of mental clarity and energy that the TAIslim Total Body System offers."
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Melissa Morris - "I Have Learned How to Accept Compliments"

Before: 156 pounds After: 132 pounds

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar childrens book sums up my TAIslim transformation. My old self was eating all sorts of bad things and never was satisfied. The System was my TAIslim cocoon. I got in my bubble and fed myself healthy meals and watched myself feel better from the goodness. Then after hatching into a smaller, healthier me who sleeps better and has super energy, I've discovered I've become a butterfly."
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Sheila Ivie - "I Feel Healthier Than I've Ever Felt"

Before: 192 pounds After: 180 pounds

"The TAIslim System has given me the determination I needed to lose weight. I have never been able to stick to a program before The System, and have never seen these kind of results. The System has been an answer to our prayers! I am paving a path of health for our 3 children and that makes me smile."
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Brian Ivie - "The Last 90 Days Have Been Amazing!"

Before: 213 pounds After: 182 pounds

"While the weight loss is great, the best personal reward I gained from following The System is regaining my health. have broken the chains that I was in because of the amount of constant discomfort I was dealing with."
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Jennifer Solomon - "Physically, I Have Improved 100%"

Before: 142 pounds After: 133 pounds

"I am a personal trainer and a figure competitor. I started The System to lose the 10-12 pounds that I hadn't been able to do in the past 10 months. I am leaner right now than I ever have been and I am loving the way I feel"
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Jason Gameon - "I Am Smaller Than I Have Been in 15 Years"

Before: 392 pounds After: 297 pounds

"My children are experiencing Dad like they have never seen him before and my wife can reach all the way around me when she hugs me. I am able to run 5K and 10K races, which I have never done before. I can sit in an airplane and not ask for a seat belt extension. I can walk into any department store and buy a shirt and pants."
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Nate Solomon - "I Love the Energy I Get from The TAIslim System"

Before: 179 pounds After: 168 pounds

"The System has helped me to lean down and drop my body fat percentage. Physically, I feel great, want to workout, and eat healthy. The great part is that you can finish one TAI60 Transformation Contest and enter another. There is always something to improve on."
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Mary Miller - "I Actually Like What I See in the Mirror"

Before: 190 pounds After: 168 pounds

"Since starting the TAIslim System, I have felt lighter on my feet and have a heightened sense of energy as I teach my group fitness classes. I feel that I can truly help inspire my class now. The TAIslim System is a great way to help you lose weight without losing any of the daily nutrients your body needs."
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Kyle Miller - "I'm Able to Keep Up on the Basketball Court"

Before: 260 pounds After: 225 pounds

"I was a 20 year old feeling like a 40 year old. But now I can finally feel my age! I have confidence in who I am and enjoy getting up and going to work each morning. I just grab my SHAKE and go!"
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Salesi Hingano - "If I Can Do This, Anyone Can"

Before: 324 pounds After: 282 pounds

"I would laugh at any weight loss plan my wife was trying. I'm glad I didn't laugh when she told me about The TAIslim System. I am a big believer now. After a week on The System I saw how this could really help me and my siblings to a healthier way of life."
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Amanda Hingano - "I Am in Control of My Life Again"

Before: 193 pounds After: 178 pounds

"I started The TAIslim System because I was tired of sitting on the beach while my kids played in the water with their aunts and uncles. I was tired of being tired and not wanting to leave the house because nothing looked good and I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. Now, I can set a goal and work to achieve it."
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Laura Gilbert - "I Don't Mind Having My Photo Taken"

Before: 223 pounds After: 176 pounds

"I feel better, look better, have stamina, and am more positive. Before The System, I could barely run 10 minutes on the elliptical. Now I can run for an hour straight. It is easier to keep up with my busy 3 year old. We have fun running and playing."
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Kadee Gomez - "There's Not a Better Time to Start The System"

Before: 155 pounds After: 150 pounds

"Physically, I have improved by body tremendously with the TAIslim System by converting fat into muscle and losing 4% more body fat than my goal, resulting in a 10% loss altogether."
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Jamie Gameon - "I Can See and Feel the Weight Change"

Before: 183 pounds After: 168 pounds

"I am showing my girls what it takes to make goals and what it takes accomplish them. By being an example of living a healthier lifestyle, I am showing them that through hard work and dedication you can do anything you put your mind and heart into."
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Douglas Harmer - "I Have the Energy to Live Again"

Before: 317 pounds After: 276 pounds

"I can now out-hike my kids, out-work the guys in the shop, and stay awake through movies. I love to tell people about the changes The TAslim System has made for my family and me. My wife and I and our two children have lost 99 total pounds since starting The System."
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Nance Boozer - "Not Only Did I Drop Pounds, But My Energy Increased"

Before: 149 pounds After: 135 pounds

"I had been carrying around an extra 20 pounds off and on for the past 40-plus years. Now, I have gained control of my weight. Not only have I become slimmer, trimmer, but my cravings are nearly non-existent. Now it is easier to work toward my exercise goals. I do do 1-2 miles of interval walking 5 or 6 days a week."
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Tom Berry - "Before The TAIslim System, I Was a Prisoner Inside My Own Body"

Before: 285 pounds After: 241 pounds

"Before starting The System, I couldn't tie my own shoelaces. Now, I am taking 6-mile hikes with my wife's 12-year-old students through the desert mountains around Phoenix. They would have carried me out in a gurney if I would have tried it a few months earlier."
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Roy Womack - "I"m No Longer Afraid to Talk to the Opposite Sex"

Before: 200 pounds After: 175 pounds

"Aside from the significant weight loss, the biggest difference I notice is being 44 and being able to keep up with the 25s-35s on the basketball court. When I work out, I stay longer at the gym because I feel good."
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Mark Lanagan - "I Feel More Alive Than I Have for Years"

Before: 245 pounds After: 211 pounds

"The TAIslim System has transformed me from someone who was struggling to get through the day to a person who can't wait to start each day and make the most of life."
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  • Barbara Hart
    Lost: 25 pounds

  • Shirley Oliver
    Lost: 59 pounds

  • Deborah Leturgez
    Lost: 45 pounds

  • Jack Bybee
    Lost: 43 pounds

  • Jay Ellis
    Lost: 65 pounds

  • Cynthia Grimley
    Lost: 46 pounds

  • Josh Brent
    Lost: 10 pounds

  • Justine Brent
    Lost: 14 pounds

  • Sherry Evans
    Lost: 3 pounds

  • Lloyd Embry
    Lost: 100 pounds

  • Becky Johnson
    Lost: 21 pounds

  • Kent Frei
    Lost: 62 pounds

  • Tanya Frei
    Lost: 35 pounds

  • Terry Kenly
    Lost: 75 pounds

  • Faith Casias
    Lost: 14 pounds

  • Rochelle Miller
    Lost: 61 pounds

  • Mark Miller
    Lost: 36 pounds

  • Dee Dee Gravitt
    Lost: 33 pounds

  • Amanda Avery
    Lost: 84 pounds

  • Phil Ladd
    Lost: 93 pounds

  • Becca Parkinson
    Lost: 36 pounds

  • Michelle Chilcott
    Lost: 112 pounds

  • Brian Kay
    Lost: 34 pounds

  • Cheri Cook
    Lost: 12 pounds

  • Melvin Yoder
    Lost: 50 pounds

  • Karolynn Burgett
    Lost: 14 pounds

  • Brenda Leavitt
    Lost: 57 pounds

  • Eric Barker
    Lost: 17 pounds

  • Brenda Wilson
    Lost: 46 pounds

  • Amber Hobdy
    Lost: 12 pounds

  • Lanard Hobdy
    Lost: 12 pounds

  • Cristianne Casper
    Lost: 12 pounds

  • Jeremy Casper
    Lost: 17 pounds

  • Jeff Evans
    Lost: 16 pounds

  • Eric Gomez
    Lost: 2 pounds

  • Melissa Morris
    Lost: 24 pounds

  • Sheila Ivie
    Lost: 12 pounds

  • Brian Ivie
    Lost: 31 pounds

  • Jennifer Solomon
    Lost: 9 pounds

  • Jason Gameon
    Lost: 95 pounds

  • Nate Solomon
    Lost: 11 pounds

  • Mary Miller
    Lost: 22 pounds

  • Kyle Miller
    Lost: 35 pounds

  • Salesi Hingano
    Lost: 42 pounds

  • Amanda Hingano
    Lost: 15 pounds

  • Laura Gilbert
    Lost: 47 pounds

  • Kadee Gomez
    Lost: 5 pounds

  • Jamie Gameon
    Lost: 15 pounds

  • Douglas Harmer
    Lost: 41 pounds

  • Nance Boozer
    Lost: 14 pounds

  • Tom Berry
    Lost: 44 pounds

  • Roy Womack
    Lost: 25 pounds

  • Mark Lanagan
    Lost: 34 pounds

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